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Beauty is always in demand – as proven by BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF which just closed on Sunday. This Leading International Trade Fair for Cosmetics, Foot, Nail, Wellness and Spa delighted exhibitors and visitors alike, thereby confirming its leading position as a trend forum in this sector. Read more

Final Report

Cosmetics, Foot, Nail, Wellness and Spa: Review of BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2016. Read more

Impressions 2016 BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF

Technical Programme 2016

This year we offer together with the trend forum, the meeting places NAIL, FOOT , WELNNESS, COSMETICS and SPA a broad range of presentations on trends and must-haves for a modern and forward-looking institution. Programme 2016

Technical Programme 2016

Specials at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2016

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Specials 2016


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Patrick Oliva, Managing Director at Alessandro International GmbH

Already on the first day we hit a bull’s eye. Saturday also started well and we noticed visitors were of a very high standard. From our perspective BEAUTY is characterised by a balanced mix of exhibitors. In any case, for us it is the most important event of the year. Read more

Dr. Thomas Neubourg, Managing Director at Allpresan

This year we got off to a great start and the result was even better than our good performance last year. We invited some of our partners to BEAUTY which is the most important trade fair for us by far. With new equipment we were able to present ourselves to our sales partners in the best possible light. Read more

Yvonne Rönnig, Manager of Trade Fairs & Events at Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG

Already on Friday we welcomed a whole host of cosmetic school owners and employees to our stand, who we were able to help with information and gifts. Cosmetic schools are the future of our sector. At the same time, we see a trend towards operative, i.e. results-oriented cosmetics. Read more

Catherine Frimmel, Managing Director at Catherine Nail Collection GmbH

Here at BEAUTY we were able to make and foster many, also international contacts and we anticipate securing numerous promising business deals. A main trend is the rediscovery of classic nail varnish. For us the general rule is: if it does well in Düsseldorf the prospects for the rest of the year are also promising. Read more

Sammy Gharieni, Managing Director at Gharieni Group GmbH

This is my 25th time in Düsseldorf and our original stand space has now grown tenfold. For us BEAUTY is the main fair in Germany and this is where trends and innovations are showcased. We are very satisfied with the trade visitors. Read more

Christian Csury, International Sales, Eduard Gerlach GmbH

Right from day one it was very full at our stand. At the same time we also enjoyed a high level of visitors. The international audience came out in force, particularly from Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union. BEAUTY is the nonplus ultra. Read more

Martin La Fontaine, Managing Director at IONTO Health & Beauty GmbH

We are among the pioneers here at the fair and feel very at home. Our contacts are committed, fast and imaginative and they do a great job. As universal suppliers we would have liked to be present in every hall. Read more

Klaus Jäger, Managing Director at JEAN D'ARCEL Cosmétique GmbH & Co.KG

As always, we met numerous regular customers and maintained old contacts in Düsseldorf. Obviously, BEAUTY is also about winning over new customers – and Düsseldorf is the right place for this. The fair is the No. 1 in Germany because the concept fits and it is perfect for showcasing innovations. We are also seeing a trend towards devices and technology that cosmeticians can increasingly use. Read more

Dr. Christian Rimpler, Managing Director at Dr. Rimpler GmbH

Class rather than mass – this was our verdict of the Friday at BEAUTY. Many decision-makers came to the stand in Hall 10 where we felt very much at home. We were able to make a whole series of interesting international contacts. This once again confirms to us that: “Anyone not featured at BEAUTY does not exist on the market.” Read more

Franz Dannhauser, Managing Partner, Thalgo THALGO COSMETIC GmbH Deutschland

I have been here right from the start and until today BEAUTY has always been the leading fair in our eyes. As we are in the premium segment we are delighted at the quality of visitors. We are satisfied with what is on offer here. Read more

Michael Kalow, Managing Director at WILDE COSMETICS GmbH

Our verdict is definitely positive. We were not only able to welcome many visitors at the stand but we also made a remarkable number of exciting international contacts – which is very promising for our export business! We felt the Gloria Award was a nice addition that allowed the trade fair to once again upgrade its established position. BEAUTY is the undisputed No.1 trade fair for us. Read more


Special shows

Useful tips for daily work and well-being from head to toe - The special shows of BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF:

Leisure – about the happiness of doing nothing
Leisure as healing factor
Down-to-earth supermodel
Resilience – factors against overload and burnout

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Travel and Accommodation Package for BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2016

19/10/2016 - For BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF held from 4 to 6 March 2016 Messe Düsseldorf has agreed with German railways Deutsche Bahn and Düsseldorf Tourismus on various travel and accommodation packages that make a visit to the trade fair especially easy. read more

„A Walk on the Beach“ Make-up – Winners of the International Make-up Championship Chosen

08/03/2016 - 15 make-up professionals from 15 countries competed in the International Make-Up Championship held as part of BEAUTY DÜSSSELDORF on 5 March 2016. This year’s championship theme was: „ A Walk on the Beach”. All championship contestants had previously qualified for the Championship in Düsseldorf in their respective home countries. read more

BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2016 confirms its Top Position: 55,000 Trade Visitors came to the Sector’s Leading Fair

07/03/2016 - Beauty is always in demand – as proven by BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF which just closed on Sunday. read more

BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF presents Trend Information, Background Knowledge and Innovative Methods

04/01/2016 - BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF from 4 to 6 March 2016 encompasses not only the exhibits presented by well over 1,400 exhibitors and brands but also a high-quality expert programme. In excess of 130 events and topical panel discussions at the expert meeting points and the central Meeting Point shed light on the most varied aspects of professional cosmetic services. read more

Messe Düsseldorf: Centre for Head to Toe Cosmetics

08/12/2015 - 4 – 6 March 2016: Three Sector-Leading Trade Fairs with a Total of 1,875 Exhibitors and Brands in Seven Halls read more

Gary Cockerill receives 2016 “Golden Mask for Make-up Artistry”

08/12/2015 - In March British make-up artist Gary Cockerill will be presented the 2016 “Golden Mask for Make-up Artistry” at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF. read more

Christian Rimpler receives the “A Life of Beauty” Award at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2016

08/12/2015 - Christian Rimpler, Managing Director at Dr. Rimpler GmbH, will be receiving the 2016 “A Life of Beauty" award. read more

BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2016: Messe Düsseldorf to become the World’s Biggest Beauty Care Centre from 4 to 6 March

19/10/2015 - BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF is the most important meeting point for professional cosmetic service providers. Every year in excess of 50,000 international trade visitors seek information here on new products, treatments, trends, innovations and services. read more

Statements about BEAUTY 2015

09/04/2015 - With 1.400 exhibitors and 51.000 trade visitors BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF continues its success story! This is how exhibitors, participants and organizer experienced the 30th anniversary of the trade fair. read more